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Marriott Vacation Club

When you buy a Marriott Aruba Surf Club timeshare on the resale market through our independently-operated website, you’ll automatically become a member of the Marriott Vacation Club (MVC). As the resale owner of a MVC timeshare, you’ll have access to dozens of Marriott timeshare resorts, hotels, and amenities. The Aruba Surf Club is just one of the many Marriott Vacation Ownership resorts. See below to learn more about MVC resorts and perks of ownership.

Marriott Vacation Club Timeshares

Marriott first entered the timeshare industry in 1984. As the first major hotel brand to cross over into vacation ownership, Marriott set a new standard for timeshare. Already a leader in luxury accommodations, Marriott raised the bar on the resort quality and customer service.

Over the past 25 years, MVO has grown to include 53 Marriott timeshare resorts, including the Aruba Surf Club resort, and 400,000 members worldwide. Marriott Vacation Club has resorts in all the top timeshare destinations. Explore destinations such as Aruba, Spain, France, Thailand, and dozens more across the U.S.

Marriott Vacation Club ownerships are sold in two formats: weeks and points. See below to learn how these programs differ.

Marriott Vacation Club Points

Marriott Vacation Club offers a points-based membership known as Destination Points. With Marriott Destination Points, although you’ll purchase your points at a specific “home” resort, you’ll have the option to travel to any of the Marriott timeshare resorts. Each year you’ll receive an allotment of points to use as a form of “currency” to book vacation. Choose any week at your home resort, or explore available inventory at one of MVC’s 52 other resorts. Marriott Vacation Club points owners also have the option to bank, borrow, and transfer points, increasing your travel flexibility.

Becoming a Marriott Vacation Club Destinations owner on the resale market also gives you the option to vacation using the World Traveler Collection. This luxury travel program is available to all owners, whether you purchase your ownership from Marriott directly, or though an independent timeshare reseller such as With the World Traveler Collection, you’ll be able to exchange your destination points towards a variety of international destinations. Many weeks owners also choose to book a World Traveler vacation using Marriott’s exchange provider, Interval International.

Marriott Vacation Club Weeks

Many Marriott timeshare resales are offered in the form of a fixed or floating week. With a Marriott weeks ownership, you’ll purchase your timeshare resale at a specific “home” resort, such as the Aruba Surf Club. In order to travel to another Marriott resort, you’ll need to enroll in Interval International’s exchange program. While this may seem less flexible than a points membership, with Interval International you’ll have the option to travel to over 2,400 affiliated resorts.

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